SRTM1 vs aw3d30

aw3d30_doha srtm1_doha


Landsat 8 AWS arcgis python scrape


1)download file:

2)extract and rename with .csv file extension

3)import to a fgdb

4)create two point datasets (x=min lon y=min lat and x=max lon y=max lat)

5)merge point datasets

6)dissolve based on all fields except OID

7)minimum bounding geometry from dissolve (ENVELOPE)

8)add field and calculate with what band you want (I chose Band 8)

Split( [download_url] , “/index.html”)(0)&”/”&Right(Split( [download_url] , “/index.html”)(0),21)&”_B8.TIF”

9)export selected tiles to csv

then create python script: this is for the lowest cloud coverage of Band 8 of the entire Maldives