21 thoughts on “India Village Shapefile Update

  1. Firstly, thanks for this source – I’ve been trying to find village shapefile for Delhi for a long time now!

    I downloaded the dataset for Delhi from GitHub and I am trying to visualize it in QGIS but I get an error saying that it is an invalid data source. ArcGIS does not recognize the data as well. Any thoughts on what is going wrong?

  2. Thanks for the data – I have been looking for this for sometime now! I downloaded the polygons file from GitHub but have been unable to get the shapefiles to open on QGIS or ArcMap. On QGIS, I get an error says invalid data and on ArcMap, it says that it cannot read feature class. Any thoughts on what’s going wrong?

    • Got it thanks! I didn’t realize that mac didn’t recognize rar formats automatically. It works now!!

  3. Justin, I have tried to download the village shapefiles for 09 UP, 23 MP, 28 AP from Github but they are giving me error saying file is corrupt when unzipping. Am I doing something wrong or is it because they are in parts? Is there another way to get these states? Thank you for all your hard work.


    • Dana, yes they are in parts – I would say download the entire repo and then extract everything – let me know if that doesn’t work and we can figure out a different solution.

      • Thanks for the reply. I downloaded all but the 09, 23 & 28 shapefiles in parts but still not extracting. All the other states files extracted fine. Still says corrupt file. Maybe thye would work if they were in one shapefile but I know they would be over 50mb per state.

  4. Justin, I was able to extract the 3 states. I think it was just the way the Jzip program was extracting. I tried using Winrar and it worked. Was wondering if you had the missing states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu/Kashmir and the NE tribal states. Could not find it on the github site?
    Take care dana

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