India Village Shapefile Update



17 thoughts on “India Village Shapefile Update

  1. Firstly, thanks for this source – I’ve been trying to find village shapefile for Delhi for a long time now!

    I downloaded the dataset for Delhi from GitHub and I am trying to visualize it in QGIS but I get an error saying that it is an invalid data source. ArcGIS does not recognize the data as well. Any thoughts on what is going wrong?

  2. Thanks for the data – I have been looking for this for sometime now! I downloaded the polygons file from GitHub but have been unable to get the shapefiles to open on QGIS or ArcMap. On QGIS, I get an error says invalid data and on ArcMap, it says that it cannot read feature class. Any thoughts on what’s going wrong?

    • Got it thanks! I didn’t realize that mac didn’t recognize rar formats automatically. It works now!!

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