Find MH370


IFR Enroute Aeronautical Charts and Planning

1:500,000 Scale Tactical Pilotage Chart Series

Southern Vietnam 1:250,000 JOG

Largest Open Airports Database:

Imagery:  **Note users claim slow speed and cannot connect**

DAFIF shapefile data:

Malay Govt as of 3/11/14:


Updated Docs:

Passenger List:

Indonesia Peta:

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One thought on “Find MH370

  1. Can we get some satellite pictures of this general area please? 6 45 25 88 50 50 IF the data is right and the plane flew for 4-5 hours longer, then logic says we should extend the line from the initial turn through the last radar blip then out 4-6 hours from that point to find the plane. THIS guys makes more sense than anyone I’ve heard since the start of this. And if I’m not mistaken it is one of the few places not searched at any point in time. I didn’t use any data other than eyeballing the distance traveled to an estimated point because I’m not qualified … but someone must be so how about we get someone on this. It makes sense.

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