Geospatial data thoughts

Rule #1 save it, save the source, and back it up


governments, companies, and individuals share data.  you discover the data.  one of two things happen. (A)wow, cool data – delete (B)exactly what I(we) needed.  If you fall in either category, the data typically gets removed(million reasons why).  I find it, i republish it.  If it was ever on the web, it is still there (just takes a little smart querying).  I’m trying to share millions of vertices, a couple amazing datasets, and a few thoughts about gis data that the public should have.


I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but this information is just sitting here waiting for you to grab it. I have worked with governments, companies, and individuals.  Recently I have come across data for India.  I have not published it because I want to see what the people of India have to say.


I have received over seven hundred e-mails, but (I) still cannot wrap my head around why they don’t have data, or data to share.